After a major movie production adventure


is back visiting Portland ORoliver

He will teach 5 special Workshops

at Tango Berrettin

 on the week-end of

December 5-6, 2015

and  the introductory class at Alex Krebs milonga on Saturday.

During his visit Oliver will be teaching a series of 3 Milonga workshops on Saturday and 2 tango workshops on Sunday.

Check the program of classes here.

For Registration go here.

He is also available for privates, for more info go here.

Scholarships are also available through the PDX tango community fund, for more info contact Pat Musto


Oliver-KolkerOliver Kolker, a very well known tango teacher and performer, brings a spirited and lighthearted approach to the teaching of tango. His compelling instructional style combines precise explanations with intuitive ways of conveying the dynamic of the steps. Since the beginning of his career, he toured all over the world teaching and performing to a large number of festivals. He has also ventured into film production with the movie Fermin, recently showcased at the Portland Tango Festival 2015. More info is available here.


His major movie production “Fermin” was recently previewed at the Portland Tango Festival 2015.